Create your own dump station and avoid an extra stop

Coming home from a quick weekend getaway, you are probably used to trying to find a dump station to dump your half empty waste tank into. While this isn’t the worst thing in the world, there are probably some days you wished you could just go home and deal with it there. Well, there is a way for you to build your own personal dump station at your home that will eliminate the need to make that extra stop to dump your tanks!

The first thing you need to do is find a location to put your dump station at. The best place is at the corner of your driveway that is a thirty foot straight shot to your sewer line. You need to find your sewer line, which should be about two feet underground, and dig a trench from the sewer line to your dump station location. When digging your trench, be sure that it has a slight downhill flow and avoid using ninety degree turns, both of which will stop waste buildup. It is important to know that unless you have a home septic tank, you will need permission from the city to do any work on a municipal sewer line.

Measure the length of the trench and buy that amount in ABS three inch black sewage line plus five feet extra. You will also need a Y joint, three 45 degree joints, a dump connection cap, and a can of heavy clear glue. The first thing you need to do is assemble the Y joint to the existing sewage line. Cut the sewage line to the length that is one inch shorter than the Y joint.┬áSlip one end of the Y onto the sewer pipe Without glue with the arm pointing towards the dumpstation. Apply glue to the other end of the Y and gently slide it onto the sewer pipe an inch in the other direction. Cut a one-foot length of ABS pipe and attach it to the arm of the “Y”, using glue. Glue one of the forty five degree joints to properly point the line straight towards your dump site.

The rest of the job is easier. Simply attach the remaining ABS pipe to your dump station location and cut off the excess once you reach it. Use another forty five degree joint to point upwards, and the remaining ABS pipe so it sticks about ground. Put on your dump cap and you should be all set with your own personal RV dump station at home!

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